weShare® Links Patients to Physicians

Telehealth app that connects men and women with bladder and prostate problems to their physician

Typically, patients spend two hours visiting their physician. Often, the patient is sent home to monitor and record their activity and symptoms before the next appointment. weShare allows remote recording and uploading of data that is sent directly from patient to doctor to help facilitate a telehealth consult or a more productive second visit.

Easy to read graphics display the severity of the patient’s symptoms*:


*This graph shows the patient’s symptoms before (blue line) and after (brown line) prostate surgery. The red indicates the worst possible symptoms, green is considered normal. Each bar represents different groups of symptoms. It is very obvious that this patient had a lot of symptoms before and few symptoms after surgery.

Benefits of weShare

weShare is an app that works within a robust and vertically integrated platform to deliver information from the patient to their physician for more effective and timely diagnosis and treatment.

  • An application that links patient directly to the physician
  • Merging today’s modern technology with an accredited scoring methodology
  • Provides symptom-specific questionnaires, diaries, and remote patient monitoring
  • Summarizes and categorizes data for clinical use and treatment pathways
  • Allows doctors to remotely monitor, titrate or change treatment with minimal disturbance to a patient’s daily routine


Multifaceted Innovation and Stakeholder Benefits

Participants across healthcare see increases in efficiency, outcomes, cost savings, data analytics, and patient satisfaction scoring.

  • weShare for Patients: Innovative HIPAA-compliant mobile app captures self-reported patient symptoms on a smartphone. Patients communicate with physicians remotely or schedule an office visit. Patient engagement leads to stronger patient compliance and higher satisfaction with treatment protocols.

  • weShare for Physicians: Symptelligence’s proprietary software allows physicians to customize a diagnostic and treatment algorithm to their own specifications. The software analyzes, quantitates, and displays clinical information to physicians in a user-friendly, secure physician portal. Armed with accurate data, physicians can make treatment decisions based on validated symptom severity indices and evaluate real-time treatment outcomes using the same metrics.

  • weShare for Providers: Healthcare organizations, IDNs, HMOs, and government providers benefit from a potential decrease in patient wait time, increased patient throughput, and telemedicine aspects of weShare. weShare will increase in value as an aggregated big data set that can be leveraged for clinical pathways, clinical outcomes, and market research.

  • weShare for Payers: In a COVID-19 environment, more states are supporting telehealth. Payers will benefit from the mHealth, remote visit, symptom scoring, and telemedicine aspects of weShare. Additionally, weShare is the perfect tool to support reimbursement for specific treatment modalities.



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