About Us

Symptoms + Intelligence = Symptelligence

Company story

Symptelligence Inc. is a medical informatics company founded in 2013 with a vision to create a disruptive technology for Patient Monitoring and Disease Management. Our weShare® Electronic Healthcare Platform (EHP) is composed of:

  • innovative HIPAA-compliant mobile apps
  • patient, provider & administrator portals
  • proprietary diagnostic & treatment algorithms and education tools

weShare captures patient-reported symptoms, analyzes, quantitates, and displays critical information to patients, providers and payers. It guides all participants through clinical decision-making, treatment, and outcomes assessment. Our weShare® Platform may be adapted for use in a myriad of other disease states.


Revolutionizing the way healthcare is practiced by utilizing patient provided data to connect physicians, providers and payers resulting in effective and efficient treatment pathways.


The weShare platform, a tool used in telemedicine, leverages scientific methodology and advanced intelligence in a user-friendly environment, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Symptelligence is changing healthcare now and into the future.


With the understanding that the patient comes first, we have created a company that provides clinically useful information to improve care.


We are a medical informatics software company that has developed a smart app to improve the Physician/Patient process. Patients record their symptoms on their smartphone and send through the system.

Our smart app is intelligent – it analyzes the patients’ symptoms and displays the results on a graph. The graph is easy to read; you don’t even have to be a health care provider (HCP) to understand it. Each bar on the graph represents a different group of symptoms.


“Our mission is to change the way healthcare is practiced and clinical research conducted world-wide…to engage patients, doctors, researchers, payors, industry and government toward a common goal – the pinnacle of healthcare!”

Jerry G. Blaivas, MD, co-founder of Symptelligence Medical Informatics