weShare is a Digital Med Tech platform that provides web-based and smart device communication between patients, health care providers (HCP) and payers, combined with visual diagnostic tools to deliver remote patient monitoring, diagnostic support, and individualized clinical care pathways for Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS).

weShare URO revolutionizes standard practice models, workflows, clinical, business methods to improve patient care and improve profitability.


WeShare is a mobile medical platform designed by Symptelligence, LLC. Using proprietary algorithms, it captures patient-reported symptoms and tracks and displays healthcare data to aid physicians in making diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Once treatment has begun, the mobile app tracks the patient’s progress and summarizes the results for review by the doctor and the patient. The patient has access to the same information as the doctor, which empowers him/her to be an active participant in their own health care. The HIPPA compliant patient data is pooled anonymously to create a large database for clinical outcomes, business and market research.


Patient app and web portal: The patient remotely records his/her symptoms in real time.

Proprietary software platform and physician portal: Quantitates symptom severity and graphically displays the result to both HCP and patient. Generates diagnosis specific clinical care pathways. HCP and patient visualize and track progress over time. Enables joint decision making regarding in-office vs remote visits. Revolutionizes standard practice models, workflows, clinical, business methods and outcomes.

Patient portal: Total transparency – patient sees the exact same date and treatment plan as the HCP rect communication with HCP.

These are the different components of the weShare doctor and patient portals.

Combined years of clinical expertise
Time saved for the patients and doctor
Sooner improvement in symptoms
Of patient tracking records so far