weShare® for Physicians 

weShare algorithm records, analyzes, quantitates, and displays critical information to physicians now equipped to make clinical treatment decisions based on symptom severity metrics by accessing patient data on a secure physician portal. Physicians can include patients in the treatment pathway with real-time treatment result support tools.

weShare Physicians Brochure

These are benefits physicians can get from the product:

  • Triage patients
  • Replace low with high economic value office visits 
  • Enable (billable) remote visits 
  • Increase patient volume
  • Optimize patient care
  • Enhance income
  • More face to face time with patients
  • Improved workflow – saves time
  • More quality time with the patient
  • Higher value in-office visits
  • Better reimbursement
  • Remote visits
  • Improved quality of care
  • Replace low value with high-value RVU visits
  • More face to face time with patients 
  • Reimbursable remote visits
  • Improved quality of care metrics
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced revenue
  • Reduces dropout rates