“Our mission is to change the way healthcare is practiced and clinical research conducted world-wide…to engage patients, doctors, researchers, payors, industry and government toward a common goal – the pinnacle of healthcare!”

Jerry G. Blaivas, MD, co-founder of Symptelligence Medical Informatics.

Collaborative medicine

We know the medical field has a lot to learn from patients because they are on front line of care . Working just as closely with patients as we do with doctors will result in more innovative, effective and urser-friendly medicine.

Personalized EMR

We truly care about data-synergies and administrative cost-savings the creation of smart and integrated patient data providers.

Empowered patients

We strongly believe that a bottom-up model , where patients are highly engaged and responsible for their therapeutic maintenance, will greatly improve the world of healthcare.

Innovation is on track

Symptelligence introduces the weShare™ family


The most comprehensive and innovative mobile solution for digitalized patient-reported outcomes is coming soon to a multitude of medical fields.

Be a Part of the Revolution

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